Digital Menu Board Ideas to Drive Sales in Fast Food Restaurants

by Scala Team

Digital Menu Board Ideas to Drive Sales in Fast Food Restaurants

by Scala Team

If you’ve ever walked into any fast food restaurant to order your usual but ended up changing your order after seeing a captivating video of a summer-exclusive frozen Coke or a limited-time premium burger, you are not alone.

Digital menu boards for fast food restaurants are a powerful tool to showcase product offerings and promote the latest deals and promotions. Still think your “impulse pumpkin spice latte buy” is a fluke? 70% of customers tend to purchase a product or service simply because a sign caught their eye, making restaurant digital signage the perfect tool to drive sales for fast food brands.

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Why Use Digital Menu Boards for Fast Food Restaurants?

Fast food restaurants remain a go-to choice worldwide for casual dining because of how quick, hassle-free and convenient they are. But the race is always on to find innovative ways to engage customers and, ultimately, keep them coming back and spending.

Digital menu boards are an essential feature of any modern fast food restaurant, and for good reason. Studies show that four out of five brands have seen a 33% increase in sales just by deploying digital signage solutions. Digital menu boards have also been shown to reduce perceived waiting time among customers by up to 35%.

Here are some ideas on how to maximise the return on investment for digital menu boards for restaurants and cafes.

Promote Your Latest New Menu Launch

Rather than have customers read through a list of menu items in order to find special releases, consider showcasing the latest launch items through a digital menu board. Many mainstay brands of the fast food industry boast an ever-changing menu, but make use of intuitive digital menu boards that are crafted in a way to make their newest products known to customers as soon as they enter the store.

Putting the work to get a product onto the market is never easy, but don’t let poor visibility be the reason for poor sales. Instead, make your launch stand out apart from the menu and easily revert to your regular menu if your special offering is sold out or is no longer a part of the menu.

Upsell Your Limited Time Offerings

Most fast food restaurants offer limited-time and seasonal items to drive interest and add variation to their menu. Digital menu boards are prime real estate to advertise these items and create fear-of-missing-out for limited availability products. And because the displays can be designed to rotate content on a schedule, customers can continue to browse regular menu items as well.

Research shows that at least 19% of consumers make impulse purchases based on digital signage, so advertising limited time items on restaurant digital menu boards is a great way to stimulate extra purchases.

Use Visuals to Appeal to Your Customers

The best part about digital menu boards is that you can get as creative as you want with them. They can be used to showcase video and text content alongside crisp, enticing images that highlight the product ingredients that go into a product, or an enticing video of the product itself (we’ve all fallen for the mouth-watering cheese-pull videos showcased outside pizzerias at some point).

Ultimately, digital menu boards with videos are a great way to showcase what’s so special about your products. The best part is, customers won’t even realise how quickly they got to the front of the queue with the stream of videos that have kept them occupied while lining up for their food.

Showcase Your Unique Offerings

Is your restaurant big on delivering the promise of healthy food? Or perhaps your restaurant is well-known for using specially sourced ingredients?

Using digital menu boards is a great way to showcase such information in a concise and impactful way that educates the customer and also directly impacts their purchasing decision. Take your restaurant’s messaging one step further by incorporating information that is valuable to customers while strengthening your unique selling proposition.

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