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Did you know? The Asia Pacific Digital Signage market is projected to grow at a 7.58% CAGR during 2021-2026. Market growth is expected to be steady due to the increasing use of video walls and digital billboards for brand marketing in countries such as India, Singapore, China, and Japan.

Businesses in all industries are leveraging digital signage to propel their brand and give them an edge over their competitors. Digital signage has proven to be an essential tool for modern businesses to drive growth and scale their business. In fact, 80% of businesses say that their sales have increased substantially after utilising digital signage.

What should brands consider when appointing a digital signage provider for their digital signage needs?

Read on to find out several key considerations that brands should take note of.

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Key Considerations When Appointing a Digital Signage Solutions Provider

Technology & Innovation

One of the most significant questions to consider when appointing a digital signage solutions provider is the level of technology it offers. Modern, interactive technologies are needed to deliver stunning digital signage displays that will wow audiences. A leading digital signage solutions provider is one that pushes the envelope of innovation and incorporates cutting-edge technology into its solutions. Real-time analytics platforms, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D displays, and personalisation are a few examples of such technologies.

Industry Reputation

Industry reputation is an important factor when deciding which digital signage provider to engage. It is a good sign if a digital signage provider has been in business for a healthy number of years, and has a strong market share and clientele. It indicates that they are trustworthy, and reliable and would be able to deliver on their promises.

Ease of Use

Digital signage solutions are meant to improve customer experiences while streamlining business operations. A well-designed digital signage system is user-friendly and offers features like role-based permissions and multi-channel support, making content creation and management a breeze.

A digital signage solutions provider that offers ready-designed digital signage templates provides added convenience for brands as they can send professionally designed content to their screen in no time.

Reliability, Flexibility & Scalability

The ideal digital signage solutions provider offers a reliable, flexible and scalable system that is able to tailor solutions for a wide range of industries and accommodate for business growth.

From simple one-to-one systems to the complexity of thousands of displays, a reliable digital signage system allows brands to create and deploy their digital experiences with confidence. Stable and reliable performance 24 X 7 is delivered with superior playback technology that delivers smooth sub-pixel motion without distracting choppy, stutters.

Technical Support & Customer Service

Superior technical support is critical in ensuring the success of a digital signage project. Look for solution providers that will support you for the long haul and have in place a secure, comprehensive aftersales support system. Ultimately, the ideal digital signage solutions provider should be a “partner” and not just a “company” looking to make quick bucks

Total Solutions Provider

It is beneficial to engage a digital signage provider that can provide the entire solution. With a single point of contact for the entire project, troubleshooting becomes easier, time is saved, costs are kept to a minimum, and communication channels remain open. In addition, you can plan your project from start to finish, without having to involve several different suppliers.

SCALA – Your Complete Digital Signage Solutions Provider

The SCALA digital signage platform, SCALA Enterprise, is trusted worldwide and is infinitely customisable, reliable, stable and flexible. It allows brands to tailor communications, focusing messages for a specific audience, location and time.

In the last 30 years, many renowned brands have leveraged SCALA digital signage solutions to create compelling, engaging and memorable digital signage solutions. SCALA is on a mission to empower businesses in their digital transformation journey to better engage customers, create positive experiences and drive sales.

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Scala: Your Trusted Retail Transformation Partner

With over 30 years of experience, Scala offers retailers modern, customisable and reliable solutions that help them enhance the customer experience and drive sales. In addition, Scala provides comprehensive aftersales support and warranty.
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