Supermarket Wayfinding Made Easy

by Scala Team

Supermarket Wayfinding Made Easy

by Scala Team

Grocery retail is booming in Asia-Pacific. Asia is now the largest grocery market in the world, with Asian grocery sales predicted to reach almost $4 trillion by 2023, led by China and closely followed by India. Even with online ordering on the rise, many still prefer to shop for groceries in-store at least part of the time. In fact, 61% of people find in-store grocery shopping an “enjoyable and engaging experience.”

The fastest-growing grocery sales channel in Asia is hypermarkets, or smaller specialty stores, driven by consumer desire for a simpler, faster shopping experience.

Grocery retailers must continue to focus on delivering positive customer experiences for in-store grocery shopping to remain an attractive option in a post-COVID world. According to Nick Miles, head of Asia-Pacific at IGD, “grocery shopping experiences need to be fast, relevant and seamless.”

Grocery digital wayfinding signage contributes greatly to convenience and ease when shopping. Here are 5 digital wayfinding solutions that make supermarket wayfinding a cinch.

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1. Digital wayfinding kiosks

Conveniently placed interactive kiosks throughout a grocery store or supermarket give customers a quick and easy way to look up the location of a product or find their way to a specific department or store category. Wayfinding apps or store directories can be easily accessed via the kiosk to help shoppers plan their route, alongside product finder, price-check and endless aisle apps that extend the shopping experience beyond the physical store. Ideal locations could be at the entrance of a store to allow customers to plan their route. The beginning of aisles is also a good option.

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2. Commercial tablets for wayfinding

Intelligent commercial-grade tablets can serve multiple purposes in a grocery store or supermarket. In addition to providing a way for customers to search for products, compare product information and browse store categories, tablets can be equipped with wayfinding capabilities to help shoppers navigate their way around a large store.

3. Digital hanging aisle signs

Anyone who frequents grocery stores and supermarkets would be familiar with the traditional hanging aisle signs that list the products to be found in that aisle. For a more modern replacement, high-brightness commercial-grade hanging displays can make identifying the right aisle even easier for shoppers. Customers can easily identify product categories at a distance, while stores can quickly and easily update the signage when certain products are relocated or in line with changes to store layouts. Large-format digital screens can also denote dedicated sections of the store, such as the deli or fresh produce section, and draw shoppers in with bright visuals and animated screen content.

4. Digital standees and entryway kiosks

Digital standees, or floor-standing digital signs, can be a great way to welcome customers into a grocery store and provide a seamless way to find products within the store. Located at the entrance of the store, standees or interactive kiosks can display a store map or wayfinding app to help shoppers plan the best route through the store.

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